The Beck Family

Melba, ID

Fiddle Express - The Beck Family Band - is a well-known group renowned for their tight harmonies on mandolin, guitar, and fiddle. This trio of siblings has achieved great success in the world of bluegrass music, winning various competitions at the state, regional, and national levels. Their music combines traditional tunes with a modern twist, showcasing their unique talent and creativity.

One of the highlights of seeing Fiddle Express perform live is their ability to take familiar songs and give them a bluegrass makeover. For example, their rendition of a Star Wars medley adds an unexpected and delightful twist to a beloved classic. Their music is both innovative and respectful of the genre's roots, appealing to both traditional bluegrass fans and those looking for something new and exciting.

In addition to their musical achievements, Fiddle Express is also dedicated to using their talents for good. The band has traveled to Guatemala three times for music service missions, where they have taught local school children how to play the ukulele through the World Ukulele Project. This commitment to giving back to the community demonstrates the Beck Family Band's generosity and desire to make a positive impact through their music.

All three members of Fiddle Express are accomplished violinists in the Boise Philharmonics Symphonic Youth Orchestra, showcasing their versatility and skill across different musical genres. Their classical training undoubtedly contributes to the tight harmonies and impressive musicianship that are hallmarks of their performances.

With the release of their first EP, Rubber Dolly, in January 2019, and their second album, In the Mood, in 2022, Fiddle Express has garnered attention and critical acclaim within the bluegrass community. Some Bluegrass DJs have even compared their music to well-established bands such as the Grascals and Lonesome River Band, further solidifying their reputation as rising stars in the genre.

Currently, Fiddle Express is hard at work on their third album, promising fans even more exciting and innovative music to look forward to. With their impressive track record of success, dedication to community service, and musical talent, the Beck Family Band is sure to continue making waves in the world of bluegrass for years to come.

Andrew Beck - age 14

Mandolin - Guitar - Fiddle - Vocal

Andrew started playing music at age 2.  He followed his mom around with a little fiddle for months saying "Make it work!"  until she realized he was serious about making music.

After learning to play fiddle and classical violin, Andrew found his true passion in the Mandolin.  He loves naming off chords and creating crazy harmonies.  All the variations he plays in the band are his own creations.

Andrew took 3rd place at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest Small Fry in 2018.  He has also won many state fiddle and mandolin contests, including the Youngest Fiddler.

Rachel Beck - age 16

Vocal - Fiddle

Rachel started Fiddle at age 3.  She quickly found her voice at age 4, and has been singing her heart out ever since.  She is the soul of the band.

Rachel has won many state and national fiddle competitions, including the Fanciest Fiddler at the National Old Time Fiddle Showcase for 2017.  She loves playing Swing fiddle the most.  Twin Fiddling with her sister Eliza enchants audiences everywhere the band plays.

Rachel and Eliza are the2nd place 2023 National Twin Fiddle Champions.

Eliza Beck - age 17

Fiddle - Guitar - Vocal

Eliza started Fiddle at age 4.  She is known for her amazing tone and vibrato.  She has won first place in 12 state and regional Certified Fiddle Contests. She has also placed in individual and twin fiddle divisions at national competitions.

Eliza starting backing up her family band on guitar 8 years ago.  She has just started flat pickin and LOVES it.  She brings the beauty to the band's music! 

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