World Ukulele Project

Once, the majestic Hawaiian Queen Lili'uokalani stated that the Ukulele was the "Gift that Came Here."  What an inspiring thought!  This instrument greatly enriched the lives of the Hawaiian people for generations.  

We are delighted to share our deep love of music with developing countries through the gift of donated ukuleles. Our mission is to teach the basics of how to play these instruments as we travel, partnering with local communities and schools around the world. Join with us to provide and deliver ukuleles, literature, and medical supplies.    

World Ukulele Project Inc. is a nonprofit that is registered with the State of Idaho. 

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Thank you for working with us!

Bringing Music to the World

Join with us to provide ukuleles, books, and medical supplies.

Our suggested $20 donation will help cover a ukulele kit, several books, or medical supplies, or help us transport them all to our community partners.

Use the Paypal link below to donate $20. 

If you prefer a different donation amount, please Venmo @Emma-Beck-12

Why Ukes?

They are easy to learn and fun to play!

Our music studio has had great success with teaching students of all ages how to play Ukuleles.  We have found it is the most approachable instrument for a group setting.  We have hosted music camps, taught community members at our local libraries, and students from a homeschool co-op.  Now we hope to teach this great instrument in developing countries through this music project.

We need 15 Ukuleles for each humanitarian trip to donate to the school.  You can help purchase an  instrument with just a $60 donation.  Please consider sponsering a student today.


Purchase a Copy at $15

Our Ukulele Curriculum

Want to learn to play ukulele? Don't know where to start?  How do you even tune an instrument?  What are the basic chords on the ukulele?

This is perfect book for you.  This Spansih/English edition has 15 approachable tunes.  We have found great success with this book when teaching in our partnering schools.

When you purchase a copy of your own, all the proceeds go toward our future missions of the World Ukulele Project.

Purchase a Copy of $15

Our Spanish/Engish Story Book

This is a delightful story about a panda bear who learns to play the ukulele. His friend, who is a red panda, teaches him patiently. This story is written in a English/Spanish edition to support the World Ukulele Project. This book is a great story about how we can share our love of music with friends, as well as a great way to practice language skills.

Each ukulele kit we donate in our partnering schools includes a copy of this beautiful story book.  When you purchase a copy of your own, all the proceeds go to our non-profit.

Guatemala Project

 —  —

We are so excited to bring the gift of music to Guatemala again this Fall. We have three goals for our humanitarian work: 1. Ukulele Kits (Instrument, Spanish/English instruction book, tuner, and strings) 2. Spanish/English books for the students 3. Dental Hygiene kits (we need about 100 of these) Please consider donating!

Meet our Music Specialist

Emma Beck

Doing double duty as Fiddle Express's manager and director, Emma has taught music for more than a decade. She loves to share that passion with others everywhere she goes. She is the author of the curriculum we use  to teach ukulele.  She has also started a very successful music teaching channel on Youtube.  

Meet our Literacy Specialist

Melissa Wolfe

Bringing to our group a lifelong love of literature, Melissa seeks to bring books to all of our community partners. After years of leading teen book clubs, and leading teen groups in her home town, she balances her love of learning with a love of connecting with people to serve those who participate in our program. 

Meet our Health Specialist

Eve Martin

As a Registered Nurse, Eve uses her 35+ years of her experience to head up our medical care in the areas we connect with. She began her humanitarian work with trips to Russia and Haiti, and her nursing knowledge guides how we offer medical supplies.